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Living Asia 

We make environmental information comprehensible, accessible and up-to-date

The Socio-Ecological Fund is the operator of one of the leading informational portals on Central Asia's environmental issues - "Living Asia."


This informational portal aims to improve communication and cooperation between civil society organizations and media experts in Central Asian countries. It is implemented through conducting regional initiatives for collaborative media content, thematic educational events on the environment and natural resources and expert activities.


Living Asia was developed as part of the Media for Effective Reporting of Environmental and Natural Resources Issues in Central Asia in 2016-2017. The portal was funded by the European Union and implemented by Internews.


The project aims at reinforcing regional efforts to improve access to information on environmental and natural resources issues in Central Asia.


Since October 2017, Living Asia has been operated by the Public Fund "Socio-Ecological Fund." 

Living Asia continues to work per the mentioned above goals in five countries of Central Asia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.



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