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Environmental activists are the heroes of our time. They risk their lives to defend the universal right to clean air, water, and land. They speak out loud about what we usually stay silent. Therefore, environmental activists can make some people feel uncomfortable. They change our minds. Moreover, they encourage those who look up to them to understand that they have a right to take action to preserve our environment.


Therefore, to protect their rights, in 2017, our organization, alongside Crude Accountability, initiated the report on environmental activists' prosecution in the former Soviet Union countries and the United States. The report was published in 3 languages: Russian, English, and French.


The report presents the personal stories of persecuted environmentalists and eco-activists, based on whether or not countries comply with the Aarhus Convention's provisions. Why did we choose this particular criterion? Because the realization of the rights to a clean environment is the crucial point of this document, it provides access to the information. 


The second edition of the report was published at the beginning of 2020. You can familiarize yourself with all the versions of the report by clicking on the link below.

"Dangerous profession"

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