Soros Kazakhstan

Children's rights and the environment in the Republic of Kazakhstan


According to the WHO estimates (2012), 1.7 million worldwide die annually due to environmental damage. 127,000 of all those children die specifically from air pollution. So, environmental and children's rights protection issues are exceptionnally pressing for Kazakhstan. 

The tragedy with the poisoning of children in the Berezovka village by emissions from the Karachaganak field in November 2014 is the most resonant example of how pollution impacts children's well-being. Above all, child victims still do not have access to effective means of legal protection.



The development of the mechanism for the children's rights protection in relation to environmental threats.



1. Studying the effect of pollution and other environmental issues on children's well-being in the country;

2. Raising public awareness about the link between children's rights and environmental well-being; 

3. Conducting dialogue on environmental issues and children's rights to develop the mechanism for protecting children's rights from environmental damage.

4. Facilitating the implementation of Kazakhstan's international obligations to guarantee the legal protection of children from environmental damage.