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Belt and Road Environmental Assessment Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative is one of the main economic drivers in Central Asia. However, it also poses a wide range of risks for the region, especially in terms of environmental protection. The problem is that the Central Asian countries' governments are not able to oblige Chinese companies to adhere to high environmental standards while operating in the region. That is why our organization set a goal to establish a dialogue at the national and regional levels to resolve this issue.


To develop the capacity of environmental non-governmental organizations and experts from the region and promote effective public participation in the environmental assessment of the planned activities under the Belt and Road Initiative framework.



1. Promote regional and national stakeholder dialogues among state authorities, businesses, experts, the public on the environmental aspects in the activities envisaged in the Belt and Road Initiative.

2. Develop the regional expert network on environmental impact assessment and effective engagement of its experts into the environmental assessment of the activities planned under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

3. Promote the application of high environmental standards, including international standards for public environmental rights in the decision-making process on projects under the Road and Belt Initiative. 

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